New Iphone 5 Video (fake!)


iPhone-5It will be held on September 12 in San Francisco, the long-awaited Apple event that will be the undisputed leader of the new iPhone 5. Initially it was said that at the same event was also presented chatted iPad Mini, but it will not be. Her big day should be set for October.
As for the anticipations of the next iPhone by, should boast a sleeker design than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, a multi-touch display for about 4 inches and an 8-megapixel rear camera and then 4G LTE connectivity, 1GB RAM and the option to allow payments via NFC.
In addition, it will integrate the new operating system iOS6, which will be pre-installed on the iPhone 5, but it can run on any Apple device, albeit with some limitations for the older models. Waiting for the big day, just around the corner, so plan on September 12, there are many images (likely) and videos circulating showing the new iPhone 5.
One of the best, but is only a fake, would show it in all its ‘glow’. A post it was the site both the video image from the prototype of the iPhone 5 seems to reflect all the characteristics described by the rumors in recent months, but the careful eye of the ‘experts’ smrtphone fans of Apple have noticed oddities on the edges of the new iPhone 5.
Looking closely, in fact, the edges of the screen are not regular, the edge distances do not reflect the telephone line and this looks like a fake. To see how it will actually be, its real function and its new features, so we must wait for the next day.

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