New Apple Ipad 4 and Mini


ipadminiApple continues to think of new devices to launch on the market that does not disappoint the expectations of anyone, and of course 4 or iPad Mini will be the evolution of the industry.
We’re talking about a device that has some characteristics different from those used in the previous models, we think of the possibility of a smart cover that integrates a dual screen.
Of course, at the moment there is no official confirmation from Apple about. According to information published on the web, the new smart cover is linked to the use of a connector on the side of the device. Why Apple would have thought about the possibility of integrating a second screen? One thinks of the applications running in the background checks for the app running or the ability to use a virtual keyboard. iPad 4 if it was characterized by these elements could be used in different ways but as always Apple on sbilancia.Since a lot of time talking about a mini iPad cost reduced, and characterized by a display of 7.85 inches, during the first official presentation autumn, Apple could choose to discover all the details. According to some web sources the possibility that iPad will be presented soon are quite high but it is not known if the device will be a Mini or iPad with 4 new integrated functionality.

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