Mila Kunis: “I’m Sexy? Really?”


mila-kunis-makeupThe new girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher speaks of the past and … the present.
Mila Kunis, actress of Ukrainian origin transplanted in the United States for years, known to gossip for replacing Demi Moore in the heart of Ashton Kutcher, would seem to fit fully into the ranks of Hollywood actresses who, when they were younger, they had no success with boys.
“When I was in school there was a boy who was inviting me to dance,” he confesses in an interview to ‘Io Donna’ the beautiful Mila for which, however, now things are very different: “Now that I appear in the lists sexiest women, I think the older I get the more I feel at ease. “
The 29 year-old, who for nine years has been engaged to former child prodigy Macaulay Culkin, then makes the so-called ‘Peter Pan’: “At the end of tenderness are the men who keep the spirit naive, childish. If one likes to play video games with, well, ‘I do not find anything wrong. “Despite this, the fact that Brad Pitt has been named to advertise a fragrance to comment on the door, rather caustically: “It’s the face of a perfume? My grandmother will be happy. “
Kunis, who was born in Ukraine and moved to nine years in America, talks about his childhood: “As a child I had no idea what an actress. These are normal things in the United States, not for someone like me, who grew up in the former Soviet Union. Then, in Los Angeles, it happened gradually, publicity photos, commercials, tv and finally the cinema. “

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