Mika is back


mikaMika is back. After three years of silence, the Lebanese-born English singer of adoption is ready to “feed” her fans: it is scheduled for the September 16 release of The Origin of Love, the third solo album of his young career so far but overwhelming. In the meantime here come Celebrate the individual and as anticipated in the best traditions of sixty days, the album’s release. For once, then, Mika conforms to the tradition after three years marked by more than a few original choice. In the first place, to thirty six months elapse without releasing albums, a decision entirely in contrast to a singer at the dawn of 2009 it had reached global popularity, a strong voice almost unique to the genre adapted to large pop- dance.
Nothing new?
But evidently the choice, studied theoretically with his managers, has been successful in creating a frantic fans waiting to the next album, Waiting satisfied only from the Elle me dit, “strange” in French was a single ‘ exclusive of the transalpine market. Not too surprising, but also the decision to focus on Celebrate as the lead single: the piece, which uses the precious featuring Pharrell Williams, reflects the characteristics of the full truth in Mika’s music, and anyone who has already heard some of the already humming to himself, dragged from the usual musical and catchy, though, to be honest, the product not seem to be the height of the recent successes of Mika. Many people expected that the choice would fall on Make you happy, whose video clip was significantly appeared on the network. A message to fans, before rethinking. But basically it’s no wonder too: Mika loves surprises, and you can bet that this time will leave a mark. Times of Grace Kelly, Relax and are golden We are far away in time but not in memory, and not only of his fans, who, waiting to rush to buy the new album, already dancing to the rhythm I want the whole world to celebrate.

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