Microsoft chasing Apple


windows_8__microsoftThe eternal struggle for supremacy in the world of technology from Microsoft, Apple and Google has added a new chapter. The presentation of Windows 8 and Surface, in fact, want to be, for Microsoft, the answer to the innovations of Mountain View and Cupertino in the market for tablet and ultrabook, a market segment that seems to play for the future of the PC.
What’s new: The operating systems of Redmond have been optimized for touchscreens. Computers equipped with Windows 8 and Rt have the keyboard and the touch screen. Not only that, Microsoft, at the time of presentation, he tried to show how the tablet equipped with Windows 8 will be fully operational by the Pc see a tablet that could keep open Exele Office 2013, which have been shown to screenshot. Great importance has been given to the cloud, with services that will be integrated into Microsoft operating systems. This will allow users to share their files across multiple platforms. Again, the software giant chases Chromebooks, although not ubiquitous, make the cloud their true hard drive, while Apple, iCloud is already un’highlight of its products.
Also presented the tablet surface. Challenge Apple is not just collide account iOS and Lion Mountain, but also face competition hardware. And here, in spite of the fool remedied in the past (on all Zune, abandoned in 2011), Redmond seems to have put together a good product. So good that Panos Panay general manger of the project made him fall to the ground and picked it up without a scratch.

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