Matt Damon New Movie


neil-blomkamp-elysiumMany are waiting for the second round Neill Blomkamp, South African director who became famous in 2009 with District 9, produced by Peter Jackson and preceded by a successful viral campaign, a mixture of fiction and mockumentary film that tackled the topic of racial segregation through the figure of the aliens imprisoned in a ghetto.
In the new Elysium (the viral video published two years ago by Wired) Blomkamp resume political subtext of his debut film harks back to the cinema and its social heroes Carpenter and Romero, telling a very credible dystopia: we are in year 2159, the government oversees the safety of the privileged few who live in Elysium, luxury air station that houses the rich and the poor sovrappopolano an Earth decimated by all kinds of problems.
Jodie Foster (Mr. Beaver, Carnage) is Rodhes, government official who will stop at nothing to apply the harsh anti-immigration laws, while the poor do not stop to get groped by any means “paradise” from which artificial kept out. A brand new Matt Damon (My life is a zoo, Promised Land) with shaved heads, in our cover, is Max, a former inmate engaged in a difficult mission that could save his life, but also restore the equality between social classes .

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