Magascar 3 is coming


madagascar-3-europeIf you loved “I like to move it” be prepared to double the pace with “African Circus”, the latest smash hit in the popular series of Madagascar. Just the circus, with its bright colors, the stunts and joy is the core of this new adventure of Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. We had left to discover their origins in Africa, but the call of civilization is too strong, so the four thanks to the inexhaustible creative talent of the Penguins (perhaps the best supporting actors ever seen on screen recently) find themselves catapulted into the Old Continent.
In Europe, crowds began a tour that departs from Monte Carlo, where the colorful scoops group before the casino (with the help of opposable thumbs monkeys) and then you earn an enemy as evil as ever: Captain Chantel DuBois, red catchers who seems to have the powers of Spider-Man, so is his strength and agility, as well as the movements of arachnid. Finally the animals Yorkers infiltrate a ramshackle traveling circus run by humans, but whose stars are animals of all species led by the Russian Vitaly tiger, the sea lion and the Italian Stefano Italian female jaguar Gia. Obviously the four added the charge of energy that distinguishes them, bringing havoc in Rome and London stages, turning a dusty show into a truly African Circus. And do not miss an unlikely love story for Julian King.
This new movie is a riot of color, with a frenetic pace and the music irresistible, whose charge is enhanced with a 3D visual used more to impress with special effects that give greater depth to the scenes. The start fast and surreal is the key to get into a story devoted to the spectacular scenery and the expressive power of the various moments at the expense of accuracy. Think of the example of Rome, always portrayed in the light of dusk, empty, and romantic, but then have a freight train passing through the center. And then the tricks of the circus are as impossible as to be almost magical, to become a kind of pop music videos. In fact, the music plays a key role, with a large sequence of scenes enriched with hits like “Fireworks” by Katy Perry.

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