Madonna vs. Lady Gaga


lady-gaga-madonnaMadonna has always claimed to have two children who, given his way of life and given the demands, they look more mature for their age. This time to prove it is Lourdes, eldest daughter of pop star. The girl, tired of the constant quarrels between the mother and her heir to the throne, Lady Gaga, invites them to make peace once and for all.
On several occasions, the 15 year old has been pleading with mummy to lay down their arms, because every time try to attack the source of embarrassment that launches publicly against Lady Gaga. Lourdes asks only to put a period to criticism, accusations of plagiarism and harangues. Evidently he feels much closer to the style of Lady Gaga’s mother, so that some time has come also to defend the enemy of family. Some even find the similarities between certain facial features, certainly not for the hair color. Meanwhile, Lourdes has officially admitted that like her, all her friends love Lady Gaga and her fans. Perhaps it is time that Madonna will face a reason and if you decide to leave in peace Miss Germanotta? Let’s hope so!

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