Madonna Justify My Love – Remake

madonna-justify-my-love-video-setMadonna takes a track dated 1990, modernises and brings it to the judgment of the public. For this operation she recruited Tom Munro whose skilled hands and camera was given the remake of the famous ‘Justify My Love’. When she left, the piece was a tremendous success, especially for the images in the video, that ‘ushered in’ a Madonna very, very hot, with hot temperatures ever recorded before!
The clip was even criticized by some television channels for the scenes considered overly driven. After almost 25 years, with all the new videos and higher level of sexual behaviour in tv, the effect will certainly be different. Much less likely to provoke scandal, at least in Europe. Given the two versions compare, you notice the difference. The filming techniques, the scenes filmed much more freely and without inhibitions. Only Madonna seems not to be changed in this quarter of a century! Now comes the judgment: you prefer the original version or the new hot ‘Reloaded’?

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