Madonna fall down (near to)

madonnaIt ‘slipped on her heels and fell to the ground, but was immediately raised as if nothing serious had happened and continued to sing. This is what happened to Madonna MDNA as part of his tour in Dallas, Texas, where the pop star has walked in “spectacular” accident on stage.
The little incident occurred while he was performing in one of the many highlights of his repertoire, “Like a Prayer.” The 54-year old pop queen has approached the microphone to one of the fans of the audience, massed at the edge of the catwalk of the stage, he lost his balance and fell backwards.
Madonna tried to conceal the fall with a pirouette choreography. In any case, it is immediately taken and there was no need of interruption. The video of the scene is immediately bounced on the web, making the boom click on the Youtube channel.

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