Mad Max returns (without Mel)


mad-max-4Max Rockatansky, better known as Mad Max, drive back his V8 Interceptor. New actors, new narrative, a new location for a reboot to kick off a new trilogy directed by the first three films, George Miller. The role was originally belonged to Mel Gibson, then a rising star of the cinema today and committed to direct a film about Vikings, go to Tom Hardy, currently in theaters in the role of Bane, muscular villain of Batman. Fundamental in the fourth episode, will be the presence of women, almost non-existent in previous episodes, excluding the presence circus Tina Turner: Charlize Theron, who could become the absolute protagonist of the second episode of the new series, and a large group of supermodels steal the scene to the “mad” Max
After 27 years from the last chapter, Beyond Thunderdome, the episode most Hollywood of the trilogy, we will not have the chance to discover what happened to Max, lost in the dust of the Australian desert, ten years ago there were rumors of a return in Gibson the shoes of the former policeman to follow up the trilogy with open-ended, which closed with a film that had disappointed the critics, because of a forced directed to duet with George Ogilvie, incorporating situations already seen in the second chapter and it introduced other leaving them suspended . Following that will never come, Gibson is now busy in other projects and Miller continued to postpone due to continuing problems of production, the start of filming. In July, the news, Fury Road, the title has remained unchanged for years, is in the works.

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