Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga Together

lindsay lohan

lindsay lohanIt ‘s an unusual couple: Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga, a note to chronicle the excesses with alcohol, the other for the exuberant performances on stage will be set for the new video of the pop star.
According to rumors and ‘Lady Gaga was the same actress to ask, just back from the interpretation of Elizabeth Taylor in biopic’ Liz and Dick ‘to appear in the clip of a new single from the album Artpop, forthcoming. Lindsay and ‘was the star in the new film The Canyons (2013) by Paul Schrader, starring James Deen and Gus Van Sant. Next year will recite ‘in’ inappropriate Comedy ‘Vince Offer, In the spring of 2013 will be’ in theaters with ‘Scary Movie 5’.

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