Lady Gaga Without veils!

lady gaga fame

lady gaga fameLady Gaga has posted a picture on twitter without veils, which is the first promotional poster for his fragrance Lady Gaga Fame.
The image shows the singer completely naked, covered by fifteen young men who climb her curves.
One shared by Gaga, is a black and white poster that the singer has posted on Twitter that is on site.
Lady Gaga is pictured lying down, wearing a black mask and a black bottle in his hand.
The star, spreading her poster, did not conceal his apprehension and he tweeted: “I’m not gonna lie, I have a little ‘fear. For a long time since I share my work with you. But they are so proud, Steven and I have not slept. “
Currently touring with his full Born this Way Ball Tour, Lady Gaga has still found time to release a scent that bears his name and to ensure the promotion.
From great queen of provocation did not hesitate to pose naked to make the center, with a picture, taken by photographer Steven Klein, known for his work with Britney Spears and Madonna.
The promotional campaign of Gaga should appear in magazines in September.
Earlier this month, the singer wrote on Twitter that her perfume is sold in two versions: a “cost”, in a small bottle, and the other in the larger version, sold under the name “The Masterpiece “.
Described as the first perfume for black women, the product is black in the bottle, but becomes transparent when sprayed.
Previous rumors had said that he had a smell of blood and semen, but it seems that only has a fragrance of orchid and frankincense, with extracts of apricot honey and saffron.

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