Lady Gaga shows her body curves


lady_gaga_zurichLady Gaga has put on weight of 13 kg, this is now a given certificate admitted by herself. The singer likes to eat pasta and pizza at the restaurant dad Joe, who cooks the most delicious treats beautifully Italian. The singer, toned and muscular until recently, suffered a physical collapse is not indifferent.
Celebrating the insecurities body is, but somehow justify and legitimize the excess fat is quite another thing.
We appreciate Miss Germanotta: is direct, intelligent and knows how to entertain people. But maybe not all of you have seen the pictures of her most indecent circulating around. As you can see, the Gaga certainly does not shine by its physical form. His staff, however, said he was worried about. Thanks to evenings spent on stage to sweat, the artist will find it hard to lose weight, returning to the first. First, we hope to continue to have a good relationship with herself. For this, we make a Lady Gaga best wishes.

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