Lady Gaga Launch her New Perfume


In 2010 the magazine Forbes has proclaimed Lady Gaga as one of the most influential women in the world. The University of South Carolina has instituted a real course on the phenomenology of the pop star. The lecture series is significantly called “Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame.” How to achieve success by climbing the peaks of the star system.
Now music stars, Madonna in the lead, really across the board and act spaziono in activities that seem remote from their interests. But the business and business, as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, got their hands on the cosmetics market.
After having established itself as one of the icons of fashion stores here comes the new fragrance signed by the singer. Unwittingly it is called the essence of “Fame.” The label reads “belladonna tears, broken hearts, tiger orchid with a black veil of incense, apricot powder combined with saffron and honey drops.” Now while there are questions about what the broken hearts of tiger orchid, it is clear that this is a publicity campaign linked closely to the character. Presentation on Twitter now become mandatory, but a picture does not do justice to the scent: a fluid that does not stain the skin black. All a bit dark. The last but not least, the statements of the pop star that defines the scent dedicated to women, but also advisable to gays.

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