Lady Gaga: “I’ll leave everything for love”

Gaga Calvin

Gaga CalvinLady Gaga: “Il leave  everything for love.” The show-girl in love with Taylor Kinney
And ‘ready to give up everything to pursue his love, marry and have children: Lady Gaga surprised everyone by announcing it was ready to give up her career for him.
Miss Germanotta, according to reports from RadarOnline, is very happy and “does nothing more than repeating what he loves, he wants to get married and have children for him.”
Fans are puzzled. Even if the ad seems made just to make news. Although it is difficult to understand why it should be clear that an alternative to raising a family and continue to sing.
Certainly it seems that the priority now is Lady Gaga’s private life and love. A source close to the couple ensures that Taylor reserves lot of attention and that she “thinks it’s the right man.”

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