Lady Gaga actress as “femme fatale”

lady gaga

lady gagaLady Gaga arrives to Hollywood. After the launch of the fragrance ‘Fame’ on sale in September, the pop star prepares to debut on the big screen with the movie ‘Machete Kills’, the sequel to the Texas filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who gave life to the franchise ‘Machete’.
And to celebrate delight his fans on Twitter posing naked. To confirm the presence of Lady Germanotta Rodriguez was just through a short message on the social network, in which he explained: “I just finished working with Lady Gaga to Machete Kills. It ‘s really a tough chick.” The star said she was very enthusiastic, and has chirped on microblogging site: “It ‘s true, I will make my debut as an actress in the fantastic Machete Kills Rodriguez, I am so excited.”
In the film, due out in 2013, the protagonist, after surviving the watchful Texans, will be in Mexico and is being forced to ally with the U.S. government to thwart the plans of a dangerous arms dealer, who is plotting to strike Earth from Space devastating power with a weapon. For now, the role played by Gaga is known is that the singer will play the femme fatale ‘The Chameleon’, a blonde and ruthless man-eater from the eccentric look. Gaga appears on the poster in suspenders covered only by a wolf’s fur stole with a lot of head, Marilyn Monroe-style blonde wig and gun. According to rumors emerged about the U.S. media, it seems that the star will also participate in the action scenes.
The cast, along with the versatile singer, there will be Danny Trejo, Charlie Seen, Mel Gibson, and beauty of cinema as Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Alexa and Vanessa Hudgens Verga. The announcement of a sequel to ‘Machete’, which grossed $ 44 million at a cost of 10, was given last year by the director at the San Diego Comic-Con International, but had not leaked anything about the participation of Gaga. With its presence to the chapter number two can aspire to an even wider following, as fans of the quirky star did not lose a step of their darling.

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