Katy Perry: The Movie

Katy Perry Part Of Me

Katy Perry Part Of MeKaty Perry tell her life she thought of it, although in some passages not’ been easy to share with fans the personal aspects of their experience: “I’m here, I’m still here, and I think it is important to show even in the most ‘difficult.
If I had not done it would be like to have to ignore an elephant in my room. Ignoring the most ‘painful of my life I could never make a movie real, honest. It was a choice of integrity ‘. Not ‘been easy for sure, but I hope this will prompt people to pursue their dreams as I did. I hope that this film will give a positive message: be honest with yourself and do not give up your dreams, even when you seem to be in front of difficulties’ insurmountable. You have to live your life and try to achieve their goals, large or small. “
The singer, at least initially, had not thought of a real movie: “the idea of myself and my management was to publish on the net of the episodes that would tell my life, thought at most to a Tv program never , even in my dreams more ‘deep, we would have thought a movie. Yet in the end, the dream has become reality. ‘” The film, which has already ‘collected 24milioni of dollars in the United States, will be’ screened September 18 to 20 in 36 rooms of the Space Cinema circuit and tickets are already ‘available.

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