Johnny Depp and his Pirates new episode?

johhny depp - captain-jack

johhny depp - captain-jack
The news these days, however, tell us about the choice of location. It seems that the production has opted for Puerto Rico to Hawaii for the fifth chapter – same background Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
It seems that the production is moving, even if many things remain unclear and the same Disney has left a statement in which it said that the news in circulation are not exact Institute. It is expected, therefore, that an official announcement unveiling the mysteries – especially those relating to director and actors.
Moreover, without the backbone of Jack Sparrow, the film could not have that bite that the actor has skillfully built over four films. It is true, however, insisting that it could fall into a sterile repetition of clichés and an emptying of meaning.
Even the change of director, by Verbinski in Marshall, had created considerable confusion in the fan: shades of the first horror, he had gone to a movie more relaxed with the second.

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