James Bond, Skyfall: 50 years of great success!

james bond skyfall

james bond skyfallFifty years and prove it. The film on the agent the British secret 007 most famous in the history of international cinema, has been realized for the first time in 1962, when the James Bond Sean Connery in “Licence to Kill”, started to represent the strength of a refined and intelligent agent of Her Majesty. The elegance and genius are always coupled muscles and of courage.
To celebrate the round figure, a new film “Skyfall” the British director Sam Mendes. The 23 ° of a saga that all infinite hope. Daniel Craig, the actor who plays 007 for the third time, is comfortable in the shoes of the fictional character most loved by women and envied by men. Who can say that he had recited the famous words of presentation: “I’m Bond … James Bond.”
Maybe the hero of the Secret Service did turn up a little ‘nose to the purists: blonde, has been much talk then of Bond that drinks beer … do not fear the Martini “Shaken Not Stirred” is always there. In fact alcohol is not lacking in the film, so as to make a 007 a little ‘aged, alcoholic, unfit to psychological tests, which no longer has the best shot. We could say more human. Definitely a choice of director to bind to the trend dell’amarcord holding the subject, driven dall’inedita soundtrack of Adele. And then the feeling. Not so much to the beautiful Bond girl, that while there are two of them, as is pointed out almost maternal relationship with “M”, the talented Judi Dench. A journey into the past of a myth, as our past, because we will all be surprised to question, seeing, on the other films of the genre.
But everything ends. Now seem obsolete the old spy missions. The historic Aston Martin jumps into the air and is destroyed, and it is not the only reason that makes us believe that the Bond Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan will not return.
Meanwhile, we imagine it to have a beer with Bersani, mocking Renzi, with a joke that the character of the writer Ian Fleming, starred in Skyfall, “the youth is not synonymous with innovation.”

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