James Bond prefers beers!


heineken-bondFor decades the favorite cocktail most famous secret agent in the world, that Bond, James Bond that so many generations have known, was the Martini. The protagonist of many adventures, in fact, did not disdain a stop at the bar to ask for a glass of Martini, shaken, not stirred. Certainty, in short, imitated by many on the basis of which it was built, since its inception, this character.
What would happen, then, if the agent 007 Bond decides, out of the blue or in his next film, to change his habits and alcohol choose lighter, declining the offer of a martini for a blonde (not a woman, a beer!)? If not the revolution, certainly many protests.
Skyfall is called, and is the third film in which to play James Bond Daniel Craig engages. Arrives in theaters next month and rumors cry foul: James Bond-Craig does not drink Martini but prefers a glass of beer. Heineken.
Obviously the choice was not dictated by chance, indeed quite the opposite. Marketing strategy that seems to have cost something like € 60 million Dutch company producing the famous blonde. The idea to enter strongly into the habits of the James Bond would, therefore, of a program of activities designed and targeted to strengthen the market for well known beer in 170 markets around the world, complete with commercials filmed by Craig, this time in his “simple” role of actor from holliwood

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