James Bond choose Honda

james bond moto

james bond motoThe Honda CRF250R is the choice for the bike stunt team in action scenes of the next 007 film Skyfall. In particular, the Honda, the opening sequence of James Bond, has provided a total of twenty CRF250R motorcycle, to adapt and ‘dress’ appropriately. A bike belongs in the film, the Turkish police. Patrice’s henchman, played by actor Ola Rapace, appropriates the police after an accident. The other is the motion of a turkish merchant James Bond, Daniel Craig, Patrice used to chase the Turkish streets. The bikes ‘Police’ and Skyfall road, alongside the original Honda CRF250R, were presented at the famous National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, which is currently hosting the exhibition ‘Bond in Motion’ until 31 December 2012. Both bikes are equipped with extensive changes made by the team of special effects by Chris Corbould. Two other bike CRF450R were chosen to be the vehicles for the filming of the HD camera. Only one bike can easily allow the TV crew to keep up during the chase scenes and follow the various stunts.
The exhibition ‘Bond in Motion’ at Beaulieu, the largest of its kind, celebrates 50 years of Bond films and shows 50 vehicles of Bond’s best loved and most representative.

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