If Camille Lacourt has been called the beautiful of the 2012 Olympics, how about Zsuzsanna Jakabos? The Hungarian swimmer occurred in water with red enamel and colored nails.
She’s born in Hungary twenty-three years ago and is a true force of nature, and a statuesque beauty and sensual.
Her name is Zsuzsanna Jakabos, many people already calls her “the Queen of the Olympics” in London: intense eyes, full lips, legs, mileage, side by scream b, its physical characteristics such as sex.
Zsuzsanna has now attracted the attention of gossip in water was presented with red lipstick and nails painted blue. Although the cameras and flashbulbs have resumed with the Olympic costume, not lack of people who scored high in femininity behind goggles and headphones that casts her beautiful hair.
In short, the 2012 Olympics are a true hymn to the physicality healthier: if Camille Lacourt is arguably the most handsome boys, how about instead of Zsuzsanna? And above all, those who prefer physically between her and the blonde Federica Pellegrini?


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