Iphone 6 new features?


iPhone 5, after the presentation that has raised a lot of concerns, is beating the market with pre-order record. And the smear campaign that started against Samsung and parodies of Apple iPhone 5 will count for nothing against the most important fact of all: your sales.
To find out the truth about iPhone 5 so we just have to wait. But in the meantime what could be better than projected in the future?
Here are 5 features that we want in the future of the iPhone, iPhone 6 or 7 new models that will be called as the next Apple smartphone should / could have:
– Battery (also) powered by solar or other alternative energy
One of the main problems of the iPhone, the weak point is always know the battery life. The last two generations of iPhone were offered only 8 hours of talk time. With iPhone 5 we get 10 hours of surfing, but nothing more.
Why not think of an alternative way to charge the battery of the iPhone? Maybe with solar energy. Recall that Apple already has a patent for charging by solar energy.
– NFC – the chip for payments via smartphone
It was thought that already iPhone 5 could integrate this chip, NFC, which is the future of payments via smartphones. Instead of iPhone 5 has an application that performs a similar task but nothing NFC. iPhone 6 can not fail to have it
– Network for iPhone
And if the iPhone had the ability to connect automatically? A sort of iMessage but without the need to already have the number of the person in question. A single flow of data exchange and conversation.
-Improved Traceability
There is already the function find my iPhone, iPhone to track in case of loss or theft. But it does not always work. IPhone 6 we expect an integrated system improved.
They talk about it for a while ‘and in various forms: iPhone may have the new sensors to monitor biological activities? There are of app with apposititi separate kit (such as Lapka) that already transformed iPhone instrumentation in the forefront.

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