Iphone 5s – rumors


iphone-5s-next-new-iphoneWithin a few weeks – there is even talk of the first day of December – the iPhone 5 will become part of the catalog of China Telecom, at least according to leaked from the pages dell’autorevolissimo Wall Street Journal.
The Chinese border is a very ambiguous for Apple, a hurdle that has often created implications and issues rather erratic, yet it seems that even on this front are making great strides. The team led by Cook could indeed land in the Far East and win the battle of all time as early as next Christmas.
If China were to confirm their willingness to accept the iPhone 5, in fact, the Colossus of Cupertino would consider large numbers and revenue succulent, in this regard just think that China alone last quarter gave way to Apple to generate profits to $ 5.7 billion (16% of the total declared by the company).

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