Iphone 5 wil surclass Samsung Galaxy S3?

iPhone5 vs Samsunggalaxys3

iPhone5 vs Samsunggalaxys3iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 could eat in one bite. This is what emerges from the analysis of Strategy Analytics, which in addition to point out an encouraging departure of Apple’s smartphone, announces the passing of the flagship of Samsung against .. iPhone 4S. Yes, iPhone 4S, after a year after its release and iPhone 5 at the gates gave way to smartphones sold in the quarter.
What, however, we wish to stress once again the non-official nature of these data. Samsung does not release sales figures and therefore can only be reconstructed on the basis of units shipped to retailers and not those sold. That’s right, the Samsung absolute silence on units sold, while Apple prides itself on every single iPhone 5 arrived in the hands of its customers. Remember, shipped does not mean sold …

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