Iphone 5 record: 2 million orders in 1 day!


More than two million orders within 24 hours. For the new Apple iPhone 5, due out September 21 in the United States and in eight other countries – is already a great success.
With the new Apple A6 processor designed by Apple and the new hardware configuration, the new iPhone 5 outperforms any smartphone and tablet now available. And ‘as this seems to show a new speed test carried out with Geekbench published online during the day yesterday. In the lists available on the Internet an iPhone 5.2 indicated by the abbreviation got a score of 1601, a record high, more than double the 631 points of the iPhone 4S and also the 734 points scored by iPad Retina. Not only that, the new iPhone 5 is also slightly faster than the Samsung Galaxy S III who scored 1,560 points and 7 of Google Nexus tablet with Nvidia Tegra 3 processor scored 1591 points.iphone5_new

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