Iphone 5 New Images


hardware-iphone5New rumors from the net is investing in these weeks, which are becoming steadily warmer, not only by the approach of August but because of Apple’s new iPhone 5 is closer to the horizon. After seeing the outside, dock, alleged display and much more, now appeared on the web a roundup of other components from the Chinese production chain, which shows divetrse smartphione share attributable to Apple’s next generation.
To put these images online is the site iColorOS China, which captures, through the photographs in high definition, different components among which are: safety glass, external buttons (such as the Home key, or one related to the volume), internal sensors, slot for the SIM and several other small parts. As seen in other rumors STARTED week, the SIM holder trolley shown in these images, confirming the indications that the new iPhone 5 will be the first mobile device to introduce the new standard ETSI for Nano-SIM, which allow you to earn even more inetrno space, having dimensions smaller than the Micro-SIM, previously used on Apple mobile devices.

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