IPhone 5 milkshake or smoothie Galaxy S III?


iphonevsgalaxys3If you are looking for information to find out which device-including iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III-best meets your needs, you may want to look over items such as battery life, screen resolution or the allocation of memory on board, for example, which of the two trinkets more resistant when placed in a blender? Here is the answer to a question that no one was located.
It’s always them, those Blendtec, known for cynicism and blenders can also finely chop the diamonds. After the milkshake iPod, iPad minced and centrifuged iPhone 4, let alone if they could give the last smartphone with apple.
But this time, unlike in the past, the question is not so much the classic “will it blend?” But rather a kind of unhealthy competition between those who rule more. Not that this implies nothing about the durability of the phone, mind you, but the experiment could not go unnoticed. To tell you the real winner Tom Dickson-needless to say-is the Blendtec, which in fact has literally pulverized the two trinkets. But want to be picky, it seems that Samsung tends to last longer, perhaps because its components are lighter and float on the vortex of the blades, the iPhone, but it’s much more solid and compact, sinks and crumbles as if nothing had .


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