Iphone 5 countdown: – 10 days

iphone5 and mini

Itiphone5 and mini finally started the countdown to the launch of the new Apple smartphone. The rumors on the iPhone 5, nonetheless, continue to chase and, indeed, increasing every day. Among strange sales strategies and new images.
Sharp does not make it – The fact that Apple wants to do everything in a big way, there were and there are very few doubts. As there are few that would “flood” the market with its new iPhone 5. Thus had asked suppliers large quantities of components, to be delivered in the shortest time possible. Delivery, it seems, is not respected by all. Sharp, one of the suppliers of LCD panels in-cell, would be in serious difficulties in complying with estimated delivery times. Apple could intervene by providing an economic incentive for the supplier to recover the lost time, but this could also be in favor of Apple itself.
The rumors that are followed for months now, they did grow out of the “desire” to have the new iPhone. So much so that sales forecasts in the years far exceed the 200 million devices. If the launch date should be available only a small number of copies of the new smartphone of Cupertino giant could also unleashed a veritable treasure hunt. With Apple fans ready to do anything to gain their object of desire, maybe even pay figures well above the market value of the phone itself. For this reason, some malignant, is the same Apple to spread rumors of small stocks to the launch date.
Pre-order – If you’re one of those who just can not do without the iPhone 5 launch date since you only have one solution: pre-order. This is the advice that is the most popular online. If you really do not want to run the risk of seeing all your friends play with the new iPhone well before you, then you need to immediately put their wallets, release preview a tidy sum. Not until I waited for Tim Cook, on 12 September, present the world’s first iPhone designed after the death of Steve Jobs and make known the dates of sale in Europe.

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