Iphone 5 New Photo from ILab Factory


iphone5iLab Factory, a Japanese company that deals with repairs and support for Apple devices, has published some pictures attributed to the next version of the iPhone, according to recent rumors that should be placed on the market at the end of September.
The photos show for the first time the device is assembled, since the images until now published on the web showed only individual parts of the device. Well, again that really portray the new version of the iPhone, the photos confirm the rumors leaked so far about the innovations that distinguish the iPhone 5 than its predecessor.
A look at the pictures, in fact, you immediately enthusiasts the headphone jack on the bottom, next to the dock connector, which is likely to make smaller and unusable accessories purchased in the past for other Apple devices. Another change concerns the position of the camera, while the screen looks bigger than the previous version of the iPhone.

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