iPad mini: Apple in the low cost market

Apple Mini

Apple MiniAt the end has come. The iPad Mini was presented last night at the California Theatre in San Jose. An important location for Apple where – during a keynote in 2005 – its founder Steve Jobs duet with U2. A tablet in a reduced size that meets the wishes of the customers of Apple who has long pushed for a pocket version of the tablet. Small size means reduced weight. The Mini version is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than its “elder brother”. The house of Cupertino has so baked a medium with 7.85-inch display – almost 2 less than the normal version – confirmed the rumors that they wanted the absence of the Retina display and a resolution of only 1024×768. The processor is a A5X, a version two times more potent dell’A5 traditional.
The increase in power should not affect the battery life, in fact, it’s up to 10 hours. It ‘was confirmed the abandonment of the previous standard 30-pin charger in favor of a smaller one – 9 pin – as was the case for the new iPhone5. The Mini will be available in both 3G (LTE in countries where it is available) and Wi-Fi, with memories of 8, 16 and 32 GB. The colors are limited to the classic white – background with silver – and black. The other real news is the price, the base model will cost only 329 € more than 150 or less than his elder brother. Anyone wishing to try out the new 4G connection and a larger memory must take into account a cost of about 650 USD.

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