Iphone 5 disappointing news

iphone 5

iphone 5A new news on the iPhone 5 is disappointg several users.In fact, we just learned that the new iPhone 5, most likely will have the exact same battery that is in the previous model, that is, the iPhone 4S.
The users were disappointed by this news, since many thought it was a more powerful battery inserted, the new iPhone will be greater than 5, then also the interior space for the battery could be used to give greater autonomy to the device, can to better support the device.
Moreover, there is also to say that the new iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen and with LTE, compared to the old model will have a higher consumption of the battery, and if users already complain now with the iPhone 4S, with the new device will be even worse.
We do hope that the news is not true of an identical battery, otherwise many users will not be satisfied, and it is logical that having a smartphone more powerful, they also expect a more powerful battery.
It would not make sense avre a powerful mobile phone then you can easily download.

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