I-Pad 4 Mini rumors…


ipad-mini-4We are all waiting for news about the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Apple devices that should arrive by the end of 2012. Rumors continue to arrive also for other devices, such as 4 or iPad, however, the successor to the New iPad.
The New iPad arrived on the market only since March of 2012, the fact remains, however, that there is already talk of his successor and what could be presented. Obviously these are only rumors, but to release them, we thought the site Digitimes, always well informed on the history of Apple.
According to reports the information portal, it seems that Apple has already instructed all its component manufacturers to begin production of the parts that will compose the next tablet signed Cupertino.
Although this item is very difficult in the short to have exact information on the iPad 4, provided that this will be his name, because we have no official news on the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, let alone if they are released on a device as the future Apple tablet.
However, whether you arrive at the beginning or the end of 2013, what is certain is that it will come. The “battle” of the tablet with Samsung and Microsoft is now in full swing, and Apple does not want to find themselves unprepared.


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