How to tranfer data to Iphone 5 from your old Iphone


transfer-old-iphone-to-new-iphoneFollowing this step by step guide will be able to transfer all the data you need in the blink of an eye!
Let’s start by saying that there are two ways to transfer your data from one iPhone to another. The first method consists of using iCloud for transferring the settings directly over the air. The second method uses our trusty iTunes to transfer all the data.
Let’s start the show the first medoto.
To use this method, first we need to:
– ICloud activated on both devices
– Apple ID
– Free wi-fi
iCloud is a storage service offered by Apple in all its trusted clients, this space allows us to have all of our direct online backup and the files we want. With iCloud get 5GB of free space to upload everything we need.
If you have not yet activated iCloud on your iPhone you have to do that munirvi your Apple ID (the account used to log on with Apple) and visit this page ( that will show you step by step how to activate iCloud on your device.
“iCloud” -> “Archivio e Backup” -> “Esegui Backup adesso” in questo modo avvieremo un backup (ovvero un salvataggio) di”>Once activated iCloud you have to do is go on your old device and select “Settings” -> “iCloud” -> “Storage and Backup” -> “Run Backup Now” in this way we will start a backup (ie a saving) all the data on your iPhone. These data will be stored on the cloud for Apple, ready to be downloaded at any time.
“iCloud” -> “Archivio e Backup” -> “Ripristina da backup di iCloud” selezionate il backup appena effettuato ed il vostro iPhone 5 comincerà a scaricare”>Once the backup is complete, go to our new device and selezionamo “Settings” -> “iCloud” -> “Storage and Backup” -> “Restore from Backup to iCloud” select the backup you just made and your iPhone 5 will start downloading the previously saved data from your old model. Once you complete this process you will see on the iPhone 5 everything that was on your old iPhone, the completion time of the procedure can vary depending on the speed of your connection and the amount of data.
Now we passed to illustrate the second medoto more “traditional”
To use the second method we need:
– PC with iTunes installed
– Data Cable for iPhone
– PC connected to the Internet
With iTunes you can make a backup of your old iPhone, and this is what we’re going to do. If you do not have iTunes installed on your PC, you can find it here:
Connect your old iPhone to the PC, and after that it will be recognized by iTunes, start a backup by right-clicking on the name of your iPhone appeared on the left under the list of devices, and then click “Backup”. This will start a backup job that will only last a few minutes, it will save all application data, contacts and media files on your iPhone.
Once signed up you can finally turn your iPhone 5 and connect it to the PC. Once the device is connected, you do not have to click the right button on the name of your iPhone and select “Restore from backup”, you will get a list of backups to choose from (usually iTunes makes a backup of your device whenever it is connected), choose the most recent and click “Continue.”
So will start the process of restoring data and all previously loaded data will be saved on your iPhone 5. The last step, to fully copy the applications purchased from the Apple Store or iTunes Store to authorize the use of the iTunes store. To do this simply open iTunes and go to the Store menu, from there select “Authorize Computer”, enter the Apple ID and password and click “Continue” and you’re done!

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