Happy Birtdhay Harrison!


harrison fordIt has long been considered the sexiest on the planet, the man that most women still dream of ritrovarsisull’uscio home, among the highest paid in the history of cinema. Harrison Ford, born in Chicago, Illinois, but of Irish descent, turns 70 on July 13. But it remains one of the most fascinating men of Hollywood: five children, married three times, the last links with the ethereal Calista Flockhart, 22 years younger who married in 2010.

Former Han Solo in Star Wars, which has made my heart beat a million women in the role of “hard” to Raymond Chandler in Blade Runner (which recur this year to 30 years) or with the wounded detective hidden by the Amish in Witness, did not really want to pull the oars again: “I like work. I am one of those people who occasionally needs to do. “

He climbed all the top ten potential. Only in 2010 was the first place, like an actor who has earned more last year, with the stratospheric figure of 65 million dollars. According to Forbes magazine this little collection is the sum of the cachet and the percentage on receipts of two films: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Crossing Over. The fourth installment in the saga of the famous archaeologist, alone, yielded 46.5 million.

Harrison Ford now lives in Wyoming and Manhattan with the last wife Callista, famous for his roles in TV series Ally McBeal as a great success, and their adopted son. Among her latest film by Richard Loncraine Firewall. Ridley Scott recently told The Independent that they want Ford in Blade Runner sequel (where the actor was a detective hunter of replicants in the 1982 futuristic noir

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