Ferrari for Businessman


When he was a kid, the wealthy client fell in love with the works of the “prancing horse” after seeing a magazine a player on a South American F40.
His first “red” was a 575M Maranello, followed by a 430 Scuderia, a Enzo, a Daytona, a 599 GTO and the F40 Finally, the model at the origin of passion.
Noting that had some of the most desirable Ferrari between existing ones, Arya decided it was time to order something unique, as done recently by Eric Clapton. It is said that his model will be developed from the 599 GTO.
These are the words of the buyer: “I told the Ferrari designers what I wanted and I have submitted a total of 12 projects. From there it got to the car I had in mind. It is a reconstruction of an older model, but it is a synthesis of modernity and tradition. “

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