Fernando: “In the Grand Prix of Korea no surprises”


alonso-ferrari-2011“It was an almost perfect season for us.” Fernando Alonso has few regrets: the Ferrari has only 4 points ahead of German Sebastian Vettel when there are five races to the World Cup. Sunday in the Grand Prix of South Korea, the Spaniard tries to defend himself from the assault of the world champion, who can count on a Red Bull impressive. “At this time, we all need to key points,” said Alonso in response to those who asked if his approach will be different than the rest of the season. “But we have pushed hard from the first winter test, so there is no change in the approach to these last five races: we will continue to do what we’ve done so far. This was an almost perfect season for us, with a good start, well planned strategies and always a good approach aimed at maximizing the points to win every race, “he adds.

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