“Could I Buy it?” – Lady Gaga Said


It’s so cool! Someone found it at Comic Con. I can buy it? Pleasssee. “It’s the appeal of Lady Gaga on Twitter for a comic a bit’ special. It is titled “Going Gaga!” And was produced by Michael Troy, an artist, author of several comic book super heroes.
What makes the various super-heroes of Troy than Marvel or DC is that they are gay. Like the rest of the author, known for his work in the LGBT world. His work is titled debut fact “Homo-Hero”, a collection of naked supermen.
“Going Gaga!”, 20 pages to the cover price of $ 2.99, was presented by the author at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2011.
“No artist since Madonna has never sung so loudly to my heart gay and I had to express it on paper,” explained Troy.
On the cover, pop-style, Lady Gaga looks like a little comic ‘Wonder Woman at a blonde wearing a two piece to “Stars and Stripes” and a fist raised high energy scintillating.

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