Chrome Browser over 33% of global web search


google-chrome-logoChrome: according to StatCounter used for a third of the global web navigation
Google Chrome wins more and more of the top world-wide shipping, overcoming the barrier by 33% and confirming after only 4 years of life as the most widely used browser in the world. Calano Internet Explorer and Firefox, Safari fairly stable at around 7% of the market.
The latest estimates show a StatCounter Google Chrome more and more towards the ceiling. The numbers that apply to traffic until late July 2012, confirm once again the popularity of the browser in Mountain View, which now reaches a market share of 33.8%, remaining the most used browser in the world.
Internet Explorer continues its slow decline, reaching its lowest level in recent years with 32.04%, thumbs down for Firefox with 23.73%. Continuing we find Safari, just over 7% and Opera, with 1, 72% of the total, which share the remaining traffic.
The trend today, so delivery to Chrome about a third of the world-wide shipping, although it should be noted as the browser of Big G is heavily used in South America, Europe (including Italy, as shown in the chart below) and Asia, while the Internet Explorer remains the lead in the U.S. and UK. Definitely a respectable result for a browser created just 4 years ago and today already the world’s first browser which continued

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