Christina Aguilera is back with “Your Body”


chrisitna-aguilera-your-body-5Christina Aguilera is back with Your Body. The passage of Badu was released to the world premiere of the U.S. radio on September 14 and officially as the first single from her seventh studio album, Lotus, September 17. The video for the song was filmed on 20 and 21 August in Los Angeles, directed by Melina Matsoukas. This is a video showing a Christina Aguilera “new”. A body that looks different than what his fans were used to seeing a few years ago. The artist has accused her record label said: “The record company wanted me and the pressure was always on a diet. Now are fat and happy.” In the video dominates the theme of seduction and charm, qualities that there Christina Aguilera, who has recently made some statements about his new album: “This album work expresses my personality and speaks of freedom. Past few years I have gone through a period difficult and this record is a rebirth for me. speaks of freedom and a return to the roots, is who I am and what I love to do. “

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