Bradjolina Wedding


bradjolinaWe are now winding down and if the predicted date of 11 August had to be just, really just miss the wedding of the year between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; definitely talking about it was the first American tabloid “National Enquirer”, but then was taken up by other media, seen to coincide with the day that Brad’s parents, William and Jane, will celebrate fifty years of marriage. Unfortunately, as has just happened with the marriage of the actress Natalie Portman, you will know everything you’ve been to marriage, given that even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do not want the press to their wedding. Nor is it certain that there will be very wedding this month, as both actors are saying that the engagement was just something for them and that marriage is just a rumor.
But in these last hours circulates a rumor, reported by the website Celebuzz, you want your cousin Angelina has let slip an odd phrase, the list of 350 invited to speak in many websites and bloggers, have been drastically reduced and, according to cousin of the star, the estate of Château Miraval in France, to attend the wedding of the year may be very few, perhaps only 20 people, including 6 children. In short, an intimate wedding for just family, to avoid paparazzi and noise in the most beautiful day of their lives.

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