Brad Pitt for a perfume: Chanel

brad pitt for chanel

brad pitt for chanelThe famous fragrance wanted Angelina Jolie’s  husband or her spot.
Actresses had great success as the face, but now one of the world’s most famous women’s fragrances, Chanel N ° 5, choose a man as the protagonist of his new spot. Not just any man, of course, but Brad Pitt.
Among the most successful and popular celebrities in Hollywood for his talent but also (let us face it) for its beauty, Pitt appears in a video in black and white, dress casual shirt untucked, long hair and beard and hands in his pockets.
But Brad just a soft voice and a bit ‘dark and magnetic gaze to win over the public, millions of women who choose this fragrance for decades that the diva par excellence, Marilyn Monroe, called the only thing he was wearing when he went to bed .

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