usain-bolt-winnerLondon, August 9 – With today’s gold in the 200, Usain Bolt enters in the legend of athletics. The first place today in fact gave him the second one-two in the Olympic 100 and 200, after the one in Beijing. Bolt ‘party fast and’ always remained firmly in the lead, although in the end and not ‘been able to give his traditional slow, as it was shadowed by a young countryman Yohan Blake. Victoria and Olympic gold in 19 “32 on Blake (19” 44, silver medal) and Warren Weir (19 “84). Eventually Bolt and ‘granted one of his shows both doing some flexing before receiving the embrace and the congratulations of his countrymen.
“I am the most ‘greatest athlete alive”: Usain Bolt says so euphoric’ his historic “double” at the London Olympics. Originally from Trelawny, Bolt was a perfect semi-unknown until four years ago.
Then, in Beijing, it materializes the “Lightning”: Gold and world record of 100, 200 and 4×100, a hat-trick to scream, obtained without ever forcing the hand too much that a year later, the World Championships in Berlin, Bolt grants the encore, including primates, in all three tests. Last year, only the madness to stop him from starting the 100 confirmed but the head was already ‘in London, perhaps, was his appointment with history. And the Jamaican sprinter, usually does not miss these appointments. There was wrong on Sunday, dominating the highly anticipated 100-meter final with a new Olympic record in 9 “63 (matched two from Carl Lewis in Los Angeles and Seoul ’84 ’88), despite competition from various Powell, Blake, Gay and Gatlin. It has not failed even tonight, 19 “32 as Michael Johson ’96 in Atlanta, completing his ‘revenge’ on young friend Yohan, who had dared to knock on the two distances to the Trials. Just those defeats were played as an alarm bell, became something more ‘in the light of the accused by physical problems pluriolimpionico. “There are always those who question a sample, but I’m here for, to consolidate my status as a legend,” he said yesterday, after winning the semifinal in 20 “18, almost walking over the last 80 meters. E prophecy, on time, and ‘true. Olympic Stadium in London, the final of the 200 and’ a symphony ‘boltiana’. “I did what I wanted, I came out of a difficult season and I did what I had to do . I came here for gold, now I’m a legend, are the most ‘greatest athlete alive – the words of a proud Bolt – are on a par with Michael Johnson, a myth to me, I grew up seeing him beat record after record. ” Usain admits that the final ‘and’ was more ‘harder than I expected, I felt the pressure but now I’ s nothing left to prove, I showed the world that are the best. That ‘s my time, do not forget’ never ‘.

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