Bolt Final 200: Business records for the man of record at the Olympics 2012


usain-boltThe sports world acclaims him and seems to be willing to shell out just to enjoy stunning figures the live final of the 200 meters Usain Bolt.
After the victory in the 100 meters on August 5, the Jamaican athlete bode well in a performance even in the 200 World Championship.
According to the Daily Mirror, the agency Prestige Ticketing dententrice the last remaining tickets sells packages of 20 seats to 100 thousand pounds each.
Evidently the new Olympic record time of 9.63 seconds in the 100 meters was used to drive up the prices of the world’s fastest sample.
To win a pass for the final evening, August 9, 2012, must emulate the time of the Jamaican sprinter.
A fan in the stands that will be Prince Harry, his opponent on the playing field during the official visit to Jamaica on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee.

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