Bob Dylan New Album “Tempest”

Bob Dylan

Bob DylanBob Dylan news his new album “Tempest”. A few weeks ago he announced the title and some details, but now the famous artist has made it known that his new album contains a reference to actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
During an interview with Rolling Stone Bob Dylan has revealed the tracklist of the disc is the song title track Tempest, 13 minutes long, which tells precisely the disaster of the Titanic, the famous movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
The album release is scheduled for next September 11, Bob Dylan, but in recent weeks took every opportunity to reveal new details. During the interview with the magazine Rolling Stone Bob Dylan said: “Yes, Leo. I do not think that the song would be the same without him. O without the film. People will say: ‘Well’, is not that this is precisely the truth. “But a songwriter does not care about the truth, is concerned with what could, or should, happen. It is a special kind of truth. As those who read the plays of Shakespeare, but never see a play by Shakespeare. I think they use the name of Shakespeare and that’s it. “
The new album of Bob Dylan comes to coincide with the celebration of the 50th year of his career. His first album titled Bob Dylan was published in the month of March 1962.
For the artist’s new album is also the 35th studio album of his career. The tracklist has 10 original songs, produced by the same artist in the pseudo journey of Jack Frost.

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