Batman The Dark Night is obtain a great Success


batmanBatman, despite the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, where a boy killed a dozen people, the debut of the third and final installment in the trilogy Nolan on Batman has still hugely successful, both by placing to first place in the Box Office . There were over 160 millions of dollars collected during the first weekend of programming, of course we are talking about the programming occurred in the United States of America, as in some countries the film is not out yet. With these numbers, it was also beaten the record of “The Dark Knight” that only four years ago, was in first place as a record of receipts. The Dark Knight Rises is the all-time best result for what concerns the feature films in 2D, thus exceeding its predecessor, and ever further Avenger, but it has more than two hundred million of revenue in the first weekend.
The Dark Knight Rises, grafts were saying that the United States there was a box office collection of over 160 million dollars in the first weekend of the presentation, money to which are added 88 million dollars collected in other countries, thus coming to almost only $ 250 million in first weekend. Incredible numbers which have been announced by Warner Bros that, after canceling some of iniziativi related to the promotion of the film, because of the tragedy, has announced that a portion of the proceeds obtained will go directly to families who have lost their relatives during the airing of film in Colorado, where there was the massacre. If we set aside the proceeds, we may well speak of critics and his response that, by analyzing the interviews, can be considered a major success. The favorable findings in fact, are much higher than those not favorable, we can say that the positive reviews than negative ones than 8 times.

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