Bar Rafaeli at the Olympic Games in London


bar-refaeli-in-londonShe shows sexy but not indifferent to the physics of Olympic athletes.
Bar Refaeli has taken a liking to be seen half-naked. But, as a great supermodel who is, it always shows great class playing mischievously with clothing or poses that suggest more than show it all really.
In recent weeks have made quite a stir in the black and white advertising video made for her lingerie line “” where bar is, of course, the only main character, putting in all her seduction to promote the brand.
This time, however, on “Twitter” Israeli supermodel has posted some pictures that come directly from her latest photo shoot. In a field of grass tennis Reafeli the target is shown wearing only a sort of suit attillatissima made of lace and embroidery.
Under it the former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio does not seem to wear lingerie for a nude look very disturbing. And on “Twitter” she is aware that these pictures really “hot”, invites children to give his fans a look!
At the contrary, committed and passionate about sports, the supermodel on “Twitter” commented on the Olympics with great punctuality and, in addition to congratulate Michael Phelps for the results obtained (showing a picture of them together during a photo shoot), it also misses an appreciation of the swimmers about the physicist: “I’m not that superficial … But the bodies of those swimmers at the Olympics … Ummm … leave you speechless. “

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