At the Hotel Ritz in Place Vendome, luxury, beauty, myth and legend blend of past and future, while parading the “lucky women goddesses” of the Tarot deck re-designed by Donatella Versace in haute couture collection for next winter home of the Medusa , which captures all the magic, mystery andContinue Reading


Nintendo has announced only a few days ago the release of her new gem laptop: the 3DS XL. In this new version we find the same characteristics of “old” model, but the thing that stands out most is the addition of a very larger screen. First, however, is proper toContinue Reading


Sony and Google will try again: the new version of Google TV will see the light at the end of next month, while preorders are just starting. Entering in the world of television is not an easy thing. Wow audiences accustomed to the tube, put the screen in the livingContinue Reading


In 2010 the magazine Forbes has proclaimed Lady Gaga as one of the most influential women in the world. The University of South Carolina has instituted a real course on the phenomenology of the pop star. The lecture series is significantly called “Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame.” HowContinue Reading

Gotye Somebody

Somebody That I used To Know (feat. Kimbra). This song is somehow hypnotic. We have listen and listen again several times. The video is not so good as the song is. But is somehow hyptonitic too. This version contain the lyrics.


Ice Age 4 is a very funny movie. The idea is great and, even if it is difficult to obtain a succes in the following episode, with Ice Age we never been bored. The Ice Age saga is now at episode New episode release date is 13, July 2012.


Lady Gaga is obtaining an incredible success. She is transgessive, talented and she has all the talent to be one of the best “pop” artist of all the time. Like Michael Jackson and Madonna, with all the big hits and live concert, Lady Gaga will enter in the music history.Continue Reading

samsung music hub

Together with launch of the new Samsung Nexus3 Samsung has launched a new music platform with a music catalogue of 19 millions mp3! We have not tyed it anymore, get in touch!