Apple will buy Twitter?

apple and twitter

apple and twitterThe news, originally released by The New York Times, is very interesting: Apple, in the past few months, spoke a lot with Twitter. Purpose: To make it a “strategic investment”, so it calls the famous newspaper Stars and Stripes.
It is not a pinuts, but hundreds of millions of dollars. Everything after Apple last week quietly absorbed AuthenTec for 356 million dollars, a “deal” in order to acquire new konw-how in the field of mobile security.
But money is not a problem: in cash, Apple now has 117 billion dollars. Spend $ few hundred others would not be a problem and would splash the one hand the value of Twitter from the current 8.4 billion to 10 billion dollars and more. Twitter is in great shape, everything goes with advertising, for that matter: “We have truckloads of money in the bank,” said the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, in a recent interview. Everything indicates, suggests the NYTimes, that within a couple of years, the chirping will speak also of a takeover bid, as did the rest of Facebook.

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